Dorm Style: Moroccan Inspiration

Dorm Style: Moroccan Inspiration

Nancy Mitchell
Aug 9, 2011

College was a few years ago for me, but every fall when I start to see ads for dorm room decor, I get a twinge of nostalgia. I remember the excitement I felt while shopping for the first room that was truly mine. I also remember some of the frustrations involved — the lack of space, the tiny budgets, working around strange room layouts and ugly standard-issue furniture.

This time around, I decided to indulge my inner college freshman by going back and doing it all again — virtually, of course. With the goal of keeping everything (relatively) affordable, I've put together a few "rooms" for the design-concious student, or for budget-minded decorators of any age. Here's the first, inspired by the bold colors and exotic shapes of Morocco.

Clockwise from top left:
Moroccan Lantern, $27
Jewelry Holder, $34
Moroccan Swing (a bit of a splurge - but you'll be the envy of everyone on your floor. Make sure to use proper mounting hardware.) $199
Ikea Rug (four doormats, taped together with duct tape on the back side = instant rug!) 4 @ $10 ea. = $40
Metal Side Table, $64
Batik Tapestry (as beadspread), $39

Scandinavian Modern for $258

Images: As linked above.

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