Dough Bowls as Decor

Dough Bowls as Decor

Regina Yunghans
Jun 12, 2009

These are hand-hewn wooden bowls that were once used for mixing dough. Now you can spot well-worn dough bowls used for storage, as fruit bowls, or as display on coffee tables. The attraction is their warm patina and often primitive form...

The ones pictured up top are a new offering from Pottery Barn. They're quite large, from 37" to 52" long.

This is an example of a round antique dough bowl:

Here's one from Veranda magazine used on an entry hall table. Looks like there are fake pears in this one but we'd empty that thing out and use it as a catch-all for keys and mail:

They add a bit of rustic charm to even the most polished interiors, like this one used as a fruit bowl at the Wilton House, featured on Apartment Therapy earlier this week:

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