Downfall To Having A Chaise As My Sofa?

Downfall To Having A Chaise As My Sofa?

Kristen Lubbe
Aug 2, 2011

Q: I am a single girl who will be living alone in a small 1 bedroom, vintage apartment with only enough space for one sofa (width-wise against a wall). The sofa will be used just by me for watching TV, using my laptop, snuggling up with a book, etc. I don't do a ton of entertaining, but I do occasionally have friends in from out of town. For my purposes, then, I think a deep fainting sofa or a chaise lounge would be perfect and it can double as a guest bed.

I can't find a picture of the exact chaise I'm thinking of buying, but it looks very similar to the Room & Board Hutton, except much deeper. I've never owned a chaise before, so maybe I'm not seeing what some of the downsides would be in ONLY having a chaise. And also, I'm looking for opinions on the aesthetics of having a sofa "missing 1/3 of the back rest" against a wall.

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