Like many of you, I have a slight obsession with the Granthams, their staff, and the stunning setting of Downton Abbey. So it's no surprise that as I was flipping through New England's Historic Homes & Gardens, I imagined Lady Mary's colonial counterpart dressing for dinner in an ornate Connecticut bedroom.

Showcasing 36 homes in the Northeast that are open to the public, New England's Historic Homes & Gardens is full of gorgeous photography and stories about the homes and their former residents. Reading that billionaire Doris Duke once housed camels in her Rhode Island home, Rough Point, is almost as crazy as Mary and Lady Grantham carrying a deceased Turk through the halls.

From simple Colonial to ornate Victorian, it's neat to peek into some of our country's oldest homes. And knowing that they're in my neck of the woods has me planning a road trip come spring, you know, when there's no more Downton Abbey to watch.

Have you visited any historic homes that you'd recommend a trip to?

(Images: New England's Historic Homes & Gardens, William H. Johnson via Union Park Press)