(Image credit: Adrienne Breaux)

Does your breath catch every time you see a bathroom, kitchen (or other fabulous room) feature a stunningly patterned, two-tone, dramatic black and white tile on the floor or walls? It's such a classic color combination and style we won't say it's trendy, but we've been seeing it a lot recently. If you've been looking for some pattern inspiration or some resources for where you can find these fabulous products for your own home, we gathered up a handful of favorite patterns we've spotted.

You'll notice this post is full of tiles referred to as cement and/or encaustic. We're particularly loving this earthy, matte look. And the first thing we need to bore you with before the pretty patterns is the difference between encaustic and cement tiles, even though many people (even tile vendors) use the terms interchangeably (and even at the same time). Actually we won't bore you, but we will link to this Let's Talk Tile post that explains it well. Find 20 patterns making us happy below. (We put prices where we could; if you don't see a price call the manufacturer. And all the tiles have different sizes but you should find it on the link provided!)

1. Aureola C4 - 24 from Mosaic House (the tile used in Sam and Anne's house from this post's top photo!)
2. Marrakech Terrace in black & white from Cle Tile
3. Tulum tile from The Cement Tile Shop, $6.40 per tile
4. "Cubes" Geometric Cement Tile from Villa Lagoon Tile, $6.96 per tile
5. Trebol Black tile from The Cement Tile Shop, $5.20 per tile

6. Checkered Black tile from The Cement Tile Shop, $5.20 per tile
7. Circulos White tile from The Cement Tile Shop, $6.40 per tile
8. Fountaine tile from The Cement Tile Shop, $5.20 per tile
9. Harlequin tile from Great Britain Tile, $6.79 per tile
10. Circulos tile from Great Britain Tile, $6.35 per tile

11. Miroir pattern from Kismet Tile
12. Stepanova cement tile in Diagonal pattern from Kismet Tile
13. Toulon pattern from SOLI USA (more gray and white but the pattern's too rad not to mention)
14. Trebol pattern from Original Mission Tile
15. Black and White Cement Tile from Star of Morroco, $7.49 per tile

(These are some more from Cle Tile)
16. 50's manhattan in gray, white & black
17. Starbright in black & white
18. Big dane in black & white
19. Cross in black & white
20. Rotisserie in black, white & gray

Still need more black and white tile inspiration? Black & White Tile Done Right.