Want to find the right way to make your home say "wow"? Look no further than these dramatic modern beauties. Full of fearless, showstopping style, they're like the haute couture of houses. And if these magnificent maisons say "home" to you, then prepare to fall in love with JCPenney's new home collection—including some lively looks from Jonathan Adler and Pantone.

If you like design with a twist, then browsing JCPenney's new Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler and Pantone Universe collections will be like touring an interior-design wonderland. Bursting with color, style, life and wit, these collections are guaranteed to make your home shine. Our wish list is short and sweet—everything—but even one piece will give your space a big dose of Dramatic Modern style.

Highlights from the collection:

Find even more must-haves from each of JCPenney's six new home collections at JCPenney.com!

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