Decorate A Box


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This idea may elicit a "no duh" from seasoned moms and dads, but we've been delighted to discover how much our son enjoys decorating a three dimensional box as a change of pace from just plain paper. It was a tip from a friend who just happens to be an art therapist and it has reignited his enthusiasm for his crayons, markers, pencils and paint.

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When the mood strikes we dig a box out of our recycling and tape it up. If you find a box size that works particularly well for your child (or would like to preserve their work) you can also "gift wrap" a box with paper. We used art paper that comes on a roll but you could also use the reverse side of gift wrap. This is an especially good tip, we think, if you don't have room for an art easel at home.

We're saving up cardboard toilet paper and paper towel rolls next. Try it with your toddler!

(Images: Carrie McBride)

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