Drawerment Storage System

Drawerment Storage System

Gregory Han
Jun 12, 2008

One of the constant and fondest memories we have throughout our childhood all the way up until college was spending hours upon hours in the library sifting through card catalogs in the old fashioned version of a Google search. There is always something so irresistibly inviting about a card catalog drawer...the tactile "shhhhhrrrk" of when one is opened and stretched out for your peering eyes. It's obvious because of this affinity we're partial to Czech designer Jaroslav Jurica's wall mounted storage system that combines vintage drawers with a modern case finish...

Drawerment is a composition of drawers collected from old office furniture. Flying freely over walls, desks and floors, they break up tight office atmosphere. As a herd, they sometimes group together but naturally go their own way when being used.

The Drawerment is a small anniversary of 15 years of "Tejo remy Chest of Drawers" - A piece of art that let loose the 'rigid' era of product design at that time.

More photos and information at Dezeen.

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