Dream Home: Design Report - The Bedroom

Dream Home: Design Report - The Bedroom

Janel Laban
Sep 22, 2006

Room: Bedroom
Designer: Kara Mann
Inspiration: natural elements, personal objects

Favorite ideas to steal:

  • soap-finished wood floors (muted and soft)
  • bleached out polaroids displayed in Hermes place card clips (very cool)
  • simple heavy wool flannel drapes with diecut and embroidered details at the bottom only (amazing texture)
  • miniature skull sculptures under bell jars (a quirky collection enhanced by the display)
  • (At the Dream Home preview, each of the designers spoke to the press about their inspiration, design ideas and sources for their rooms. We're going through our notes to do "design reports" for some of the rooms over the next few weeks.)

    Unusual materials/pieces:

  • Fireplace brick cut from old roof tiles
  • Hemp rug
  • Cowhide headboard
  • Ceramic shell mirror
  • Rope-wrapped chair
  • Petrified wood


  • Fireplace: Au Coin du Feu
  • Lounge Chair: Christian Astuguevieille at Holly Hunt
  • Drapery Fabric: Holland and Sherry at Holly Hunt
  • Drapery Farbrication: Tenggren Mehl
  • Bedding: Muse Couture
  • Mirror: Cape Linden from Niermann Weeks

    Dream Home (sponsored by the Merchandise Mart and Traditional Home magazine) will be open September 22 - December 22. Hours are Monday through Friday from 9-5 and Saturday from 10-3.

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