Dreams Ban Clock Helps You Save for a Rainy Day

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If you're trying to save money, we don't blame you. These are fickle times and it's always good to have some cash to sit on if need be. If you're the type who's been saving since you turned 15, then congratulations. If you have a harder time saving up some cash, we told you about the Coin Lamp that turns on at the drop of a coin. If you add this Dreams Ban Alarm Clock, which only stops beeping after you've inserted money, you'll be retired in no time!

The Dream Ban Clock will wake you up in the morning but won't stop its alarm until you insert a coin, with enough space inside to store up to $25 worth of coins. You can pick up the Dreams Ban Clock for $59, and it comes in a choice of white, yellow, blue, red or black colors.

It's practical and it looks pretty nice. We'd probably buy this for our nightstand even without the added piggy bank function.

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