Dressing a Bed to Function as a Sofa

Dressing a Bed to Function as a Sofa

Grace Shu
Jan 22, 2009

If you're living in a studio apartment, this solution is probably old hat to you: having the bed function as a sofa. If you've been contemplating doing this in your home, there are a number of ways to walk the fine line between comfortable lounging and getting ready for bed. We've compiled a few of our favorite bed/sofa combinations after the jump...


You may recognize this one from our very own AT Europe house tour featuring François and Raphaëlle's amazing Paris flat. Since it was important for their two kids to each have their own space, they put their own queen bed in the living room; at night, the living room becomes the master bedroom. By putting the bed in the corner, pillows are lined up against both walls to create an inviting nook to relax.

This photo from Domino was also featured in a fairly recent reader question over at AT:Chicago. Instead of shuffling the bed to the corner, it's positioned in the dead center of the studio space, giving the room a definitive focal point. This example is done up in the usual bedding accessories (pillows at one end with a cozy comforter), but if you're looking to camouflage your bed situation a bit more...

...then fashion designer Erin Featherston's Parisian living room might be a more fitting solution. Her pink settee is wide enough to be a twin bed, but covered with casual throws that are usually draped across sofas. Having throw blankets on the bed offers you (and your guests) the option of staying warm without having to get under covers when hanging out or watching TV.

Arrange pieces around your bed as if it were a sofa. We're in love with Thomas O'Brien's studio apartment--his collection of art, the pile of pillows, and the casual arrangement of side tables makes the bed/sofa fit perfectly in the space.

Got your own tips on how to dress up a bed to do double duty as a sofa? Share it with us in the comments!

[ Photos from Domino Magazine and Australian Vogue Living ]

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