Dressing Up Dressers with Wallpaper

Traditional lines with unexpected prints make us love projects like covering an old dresser with wallpaper. It makes a ho-hum furnishing into something special that makes people say, "Where'd you get that?!".

Any of these looks could be achieved as a DIY project. Just head out to your local thrift shop, scout a nicely shaped dresser in need of some TLC, and cover with your wallpaper of choice. The possibilities are endless here, from a chinoiserie to a modern print. Go gaga!

What would you cover a dresser with if you were doing a project like this? Need more inspiration? Turn to the height of wallpapered furniture inspiration: Bryonie Porter.


Images: Bryonie Porter, Budget Wise Home, Redbook, Better Homes & Gardens, Pinterest, The Guardian, Better Homes & Gardens, Famille Summerbelle

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