(Image credit: Bridget Pizzo)

It seems like only yesterday that I was cutting stems of late summer's herbs and drying them before the freezing weather. Well, winter is here now and I still have plenty of dried, bundled herbs. And I just heard of a great idea for using them that goes hand-in-hand with the bitterly cold weather.

Throw a bundle in as kindling when you're starting a fire in the fireplace! Be it rosemary or lavender, the herbs give off a subtle fragrance before the fire really gets going. If you want to save the leaves by breaking them off before use, even just the stems will produce a lot of fragrance, and none of the plant then goes to waste.

Sounds like a great use if you've still got a ton of the dried stuff hanging from your rafters. And it's all the more reason to cut and save more next year!