Driftwood Art

Driftwood Art

Trent Johnson
Nov 21, 2008

I love driftwood. I suppose it reminds me of all my happy days of visiting the beach. And after a storm, the beaches can be overwhelmed with wood, large and small. Make your own, or enjoy some by an artist.

Pictured above are some fish by Yalos Alanya. See other smaller creative works on his Web site.

Some beaches prohibit taking driftwood but others have no policy. If taking driftwood from a beach, be cognoscente of the environment - don't take too much as to disturb the beach and ensure you obey the laws. Also make sure you dry the wood thoroughly and leave any critters that might be inhabiting the wood back at the beach.

This alligator is a wonderful piece found in a great green home I had the privileged of touring.

These horses by Heather Jansch are also very impressive.

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