Droog Clothes Hangar Lamp

(Give a warm welcome to Anna, who is auditioning for ATLA)

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If you’re always on the lookout for ways to make your mess seem like a chosen “style” rather than an inevitability, the Clothes Hangar Lamp will do the trick.

Designed by Hector Serrano for Droog Design, a group best known for their one-off creations and “dry” (droog) wit, this lamp glows from the wall. It gives your most intimate moments a pillow plumping, pillow talking, rerun watching romance infused with intelligence and a certain kind of European pragmatism.

You choose the shirt that makes the “shade,” so the ambiance can change as often as your fashion does. One day it’s rose radiance, the next it’s lilac luminosity.

Droog products are sold at the studio’s store in Amsterdam, as well as a few other small shops in Europe. We can buy them stateside from Design Delicatessen. They take Visa!

- Anna Mayer

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