Drool Worthy Tree House Play Room

All we can say is wow. Just wow. The pictures say it all when it comes to this amazing children's play room outfitted with one of the coolest tree houses we've ever seen. Although it might be far fetched for your own home, there's several really great storage and design elements that can be recreated as time and budget see fit...

We'd probably guess that this wasn't intended for a children's bedroom, but more like the basement of a home. With the windows up high and few and far between in combination with the support beam, we're pretty confident in that guess. Is a kid's cave better than a man cave? If it looks like this, then yes! As you flip through the photos, make sure to look for the following:

• Storage In The Floor
• Wrap Around Paint Job
• Built In Work and Play Areas
• Rope Wrapped Ladder
• Tree Wrapped Support Beams

Read more about the space over at DorNob Design.

(Image: DorNob Design)

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