Dryer Magic Dryer Balls

Dryer Magic Dryer Balls

Regina Yunghans
Feb 9, 2007

Greener laundry. Check out these Dryer Balls by Dryer Magic. They naturally soften fabric by bouncing around, separating (and essentially fluffening) your laundry in the dryer.

Conventional dryer sheets are harmful to us and the environment. So, these are a great alternative for anyone who wants to go greener, who has skin allergies, or who wants to save a little cash. These are reuseable and completely chemical free. Plus, drying time ends up being shorter and these also reduce static cling.

That's the claim, anyway - we haven't used these ourselves yet, but want to try them out, as we gave up dryer sheets long ago but use nothing in their stead.

Read more on the harms of dryer sheets here.

You can purchase them at the link above for $12 for two.

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