Dual Sinks in the Bathroom


As much as we may love the people we live with, sometimes having our own designated territory goes a long way in avoiding domestic disputes. Nowhere is this more true than in the bathroom.

Yes, two sinks in one bathroom is something of a luxury, but banging feverishly on the bathroom door during a hurried morning only to find a collection of bottles, change, and toothpaste slobber in your workspace is not an appealing alternative.

Check out the creative ways two sinks are integrated into some special bathrooms, and feel free to daydream about your own.


First Row:
1. Mismatched Vanity Mirrors
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3. Modern Bathrooms from the 1100 Architect Portfolio
4. Tiny Bathroom Inspiration: Perrinepod Prefab
5. Double Sinks and Showers

Second Row:
6. Ebb Modern Bathroom Fixtures from UsTogether
7. Modern Bathrooms from the 1100 Architect Portfolio
8. LA House Tour: Elise & Darren Modernist Sensibility
9. DIY Modern Bathroom Remodel
10. House Tour: Katin & Brandon's North Shore Cape