Dumping Your Old Electronics May Soon Be Illegal

Dumping Your Old Electronics May Soon Be Illegal

Gregory Han
Mar 1, 2012

161,000 tons. That's one estimate for how much used electronics are thrown away into the garbage each year, with just 8,000 tons marked for recycling. There's growing concerns a lot of the toxic material inside many electronics is not only polluting ground water, but is a wasted opportunity for salvaging materials like gold, copper and aluminum. A proposed bill may soon make tossing out electronics as illegal as dumping chemicals down the drain...

The Colorado Electronic Recycling Bill promoted by lawmakers from both parties, Bill 133, proposes to ban "certain electronic products from going in landfills and directing the waste to be reused instead."

The bill prohibits the disposal of certain consumer electronic devices in landfills, effective by a date established by the solid and hazardous waste commission. Disposal in landfills located in communities that are not well-served by electronic device recycling facilities may be exempted from the ban. Beginning July 1, 2013, state agencies must arrange for the recycling of such devices with a certified recycler. The department of public health and environment must coordinate with existing public and private efforts pertaining to the development and implementation of a public education program regarding electronic device recycling.

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Image: Will Merydith licensed by Creative Commons

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