Having surreptitiously watched Hitchcock's The Birds at the tender age of seven, I'm all for any product that restores my image of a bird as a menacing, predatory beast to a Tweety-like, friendly one. Dunhill's line of eco-friendly and cheerful bird feeders— which are made of recycled plastic— are not only healthful for my aviary-marred psyche, but the environment.

While in an ideal world, bird lovers would make their own bird feeders from completely natural, sustainable materials, Duncraft offers a product that is a better alternative to standard-issue feeders. In addition to their variety of lines, the company has a group of stylish feeders made of recycled plastic milk jugs. The feeders come in a variety of vibrant colors that mimic the bright hues of natural feathers. In exhibiting its thoughtful construction, the earth-friendly feeders hit an anti-Hitchcockian note— symbolizing some small, backyard peace between man, the environment the all the other living thing that inhabit it.

Find It: Recyled Bird Feeders, $15.96 and up at Duncraft.com

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(Images: Duncraft.com)