Dunstan Baby Language

Dunstan Baby Language

Julia Cho
Mar 2, 2007

Do you understand your baby's language? Well, maybe you didn't realize he or she had one. According to Priscilla Dunstan, the founder of Dunstan Baby Language , they do, and YOU can actually learn to understand what they're saying.

Maybe it reminds you too much of the horse whisperer or that guy who talks to dogs, but we have to admit- this story is fascinating. Priscilla was actually gifted in sound from an early age. She could play back an entire Mozart piece on the violin after only hearing it once, and toured Europe and Australia as a concert violinist. Her ability to hear and memorize is what helped her to recognize the sounds her son Tomas was making and start to record and keep notes about them. After eight years of research, and studies in different countries and with different nationalities, the Dunstan Baby Language was introduced...

Apparently, these sounds are the same no matter what language parents are speaking. Priscilla likens the sounds the babies make to something more like a sneeze or cough, not a learned word. Learning these sounds means less crying, better sleep, and more confident parenting.

So, if you're curious, and want to see if it works, you can visit the website and check it out. Watch the free video and see all the different babies saying "Neh"...which in Dunstan Baby Language, means "hunger".

You can order the 2 DVD set with reference booklet online. Our friend Susan who is expecting in just a couple weeks just ordered hers. Maybe we'll do a follow-up and ask her how it's going. If anyone else tries it, let us know your experience as well. Is it worth a try, or do you trust your own motherly instincts enough to let this one slide?

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