This is for coffee lovers. At the NY NOW trade show in NYC last month, I had the pleasure of meeting Jake Miller, inventor of the Duo (above) and the Stagg Pour-Over Kettle (below), and awarding his company, Fellow, with the Best in Market Award for Winter 2016. Both of these things are super cool and worth adding to your coffee arsenal. I explain more below...

(Image credit: Maxwell Ryan)

The Duo is a new solution to making great coffee at home. It's a pour-over coffee basket up top that allows you to steep your coffee perfectly before turning the bezel and releasing your coffee down to the carafe below. The coffee is as rich as it possibly can be WITHOUT any sludge or grounds from above. The super high tech strainer keeps it that way. It serves up to four cups. This means the Duo crushes the traditional French press as well as the Chemex or any other manual filter designs. Yes, it doesn't need a filter as it has an "etched filter" that lasts forever.

This video helps to show how the Duo works - impossible to explain accurately with words.

(Image credit: Maxwell Ryan)

The Stagg - to which we gave the award - is the sexy kettle Jake designed to go with the Duo. This thing is a total coffee makers dream that allows for precision pouring, perfect temperature and the ease of a weighted handle for balance. As they say:

"Enjoy an intuitive, steady pour with Stagg’s precision pour spout. Keep track of temperature with a built in brew-range thermometer. Pour at an even, slow pace with Stagg’s counterbalanced handle that moves the center of mass back towards your hand."

It's all pretty cool and makes you want to go home and make some coffee.

Jake and his team are based in San Francisco of course, one of the coffee epicenters of our country, and they are already well on their way to succeeding in the design marketplace. They get a full on recommendation.