Regina Yunghans
Oct 31, 2007

Made of coconut palm, Durapalm is a building material that is sustainable, beautiful, and durable...

Palmwood comes from plantation grown coconut palms, which are in abundance throughout much of the world. Palms produce nuts for up to 80 years, then non-producing palms are removed and replaced. Coconut palmwood can vary greatly in color and density. We use only the hard, dark palm for our look and durable surface. Durapalm palmwood flooring and palmwood plywood are made from multiple layers of palm, creating both stable and durable flooring and plywood products of great beauty.

Durapalm's newest product is their high-relief ">Palm Woven, which are pre-finished woven panels that snap together for a special wall finish.Via: Treehugger

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