063009esbh07.jpgYesterday we shared our photos of three of the house tours we checked out on Saturday on LA's east side. Today, we're sharing the other two homes we saw on the east side, including the Baxter Home which was memorable not only because of the house itself but because we destroyed our car's clutch trying to find it...

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
The Baxter house is set on a high hill in Silverlake and we mean high. Not just "where La Cienaga meets Sunset" high but "Holy Moly San Francisco, what is that burning rubber smell?" (Old School Note: we drive a stick shift). Coupled with the fact that we got lost finding the home (IPhone maps are fallible) and we've now lost our car to the mechanic for a few days. Was it worth it?

Check out the slideshow and see for yourself!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
  • The Work House: A live-work house designed and built by Urban Operations Studio founder John Southern, the small footprint of the house belies its spacious interior feeling.
  • The Baxter House: A stunning marriage of exterior and interior space constructed on a previously built foundation and already permitted square footage and set on a sharply angled street, the house balances the human need for both intimacy and space.

Coming up tomorrow: Westside Homes, Part 1