DwellStudio's Custom Wallpaper

Finding the perfect wall covering for your kid's room just got easier. DwellStudio now offers customizable wallpaper you can help design yourself!

Dwell offers a whole line of cute, modern patterns, and then they let you change them: increase or decrease the scale or choose a whole new color scheme. Their online tool allows you to see how it will look in your room. Your design is then made to order and printed on sheets that match the height of your walls, so there's no fretting over matching up patterns. Dwell even sends you detailed panel installation instructions.

All the wallpaper is pre-pasted and easy to remove. And, since it's safe for your walls, when you decide to redecorate, your walls will be none the worse for wear.

Paper is available for $5.99 per square foot at DwellStudio.

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