Dwell's [sort of new] daily blog

Dwell's [sort of new] daily blog

Mar 1, 2007

Our AT:SF friends mentioned the new launch of Dwell's new blog about a week ago, but we thought we would point it out to our LA readers incase you aren't quite as obsessed about AT as we are. Dwell posts one design related item per day vs. our many but we are applauding a slightly different view than we have here at AT.

Their most notable story is about the new New York hotel called The Pod Hotel which is going off the platform of Japanese super small hotel stays [we refrain from calling it a room]. The Pod Hotel boasts afforadable pricing for NYC travelers.

Reservationists be warned though that it's a hipper version of youth hostel [not that there's anything wrong with that], in that some rooms, along with the really affordable prices, have shared bathrooms and shower situations. They do offer flat screen tv's and chic surroundings in NYC's Midtown East if that makes up for it. As we consider travels to The Big Apple in April, we are curious, but we must be old because we really want our own bathroom.

Regardless of your hotel preference, Dwell has some good tidbits of design news if you are an obsessed junkie like we are.

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