DWR's Cubitec Shelving

DWR's Cubitec Shelving

Maxwell Ryan
Aug 8, 2006

(Welcome to Aaron, one of the three finalists vying for a blogging position here at ATNY. Comment away.)

It's rare when DWR's furniture is actually "within reach" but the Cubitec shelves are an affordable standby in the retailer's continually-shifting product line. The shallow depth of only 10" is what really sold me. I used one kit in my teeny-tiny NYC galley kitchen to double my countertop space and storage.

I think the odd angles of the photos help demonstrate how small it really is! Cubitec adds a needed splash of color and keeps everything within arm's reach.

It's been two years without any issues and I like that I could buy additional kits if I ever wanted to expand my graphic grid. Each kit (enough for 6 cubes) is $198. Either way, I'm a fan. Does anyone else use Cubitec or it's newer (and deeper) cousin, Cubits?

- Aaron

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