So, Laure wasn't too keen on my plea yesterday, which means I have to resort to Plan B on the whole pendant light thing. Plan B is yet another awesome craft project from Pickles, made sweeter by the fact that it's a dead ringer for DWR's Random Light (retails between $600-$1,127, depending on size), and it doesn't employ any knitting/crocheting skills. Looking over the instructions, it looks like this project is best done outdoors (mess) and will probably require a few hours in the afternoon. Employing the same principles of a third-grade paper-mâche project, the base of the lampshade is a really, really large balloon and then laying glue-dipped strands of yarn around it.

Detailed instructions with a complete list of materials can be found over at Pickles; and in case you're wavering on the crafty quality of this pendant light, here's a few close-up shots of the finished project:

(Images: Pickles)