James Dyson on Dyson Hot: A Smarter Space Heater

James Dyson on Dyson Hot: A Smarter Space Heater

Mat Sanders
Sep 15, 2011

Last night, we went to the launch of Dyson's newest product, Dyson Hot. As we know, James Dyson has built a multi-billion dollar company out of solving problems that annoy him. The latest product to get under his skin? The space heater. Check out the specs he revealed last night in a Steve Jobs-esque presentation, as well as a video of Dyson explaining this mind-bending technology, after the jump.

Seeing room for improvement in both the design and function of the everyday space heater, Dyson has taken the same technology used to create the bladeless Air Multiplier table fan and engineered Dyson Hot—a grill-less heater without coils and sans that problematic burning smell.

A great solution for people with children and small spaces, Dyson Hot has a low surface temperature, meaning you can actually place your hands on it without getting burned. It also boasts cool automatic features, like temperature controls, an intelligent thermostat, and will instantly cut out if accidentally tipped over.

Dyson Hot is available in iron/blue and white/silver color combinations for $399. Check out the video below to see James Dyson explaining this product in more detail, and visit Dyson's store page over at Marketplace to find out more.

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