Dyson Vacuums

Dyson Vacuums

Mar 8, 2004

Hoover, Eureka, Miele...who the hell is Dyson and why do I care?

I keep hearing about these Dyson vacuums - which aren't cheap - and finally did a little research, which was fascinating. James Dyson is a British inventor who did fine until he invented a bagless vacuum that never lost its high suction in the early 90's. Problem was that all the leading manufacturers made most of their money off of selling bags and no one wanted to buy his technology OR let him make his vacuum. After years of manufacturing costs and lawyers' fees protecting his patent, the first vacuum came to market in 1999. The rest is history, and boy does it look good. Dyson sells 4 machines, which range in price from $419 to $519. They not only have great suction, but they also have remarkable tools which allow you to clean animal hair and vacuum under chairs.

More info at www.dyson.com

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