€4 Wooden iPad Stand Provides a Cheap Analog Alternative

Yesterday, we witnessed the introduction of the amazing $0.69 iPad stand - one that would change the accessory industry forever. Okay, maybe that's exaggerating a bit. Today, we have yet another cheap alternative for those seeking any form of savings after blowing their month's food budget on an iPad...

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Seeing as it looks hand carved out of a single piece of wood, we're pretty sure one can pull this off as a DIY project simply with a few sketches on paper, some optional foam core prototyping, and a little bit of jig-saw know-how.

However, if you're feeling lazy and want to grab your own wooden iPad stand, pre-made by the sweaty hands of Simon Blazer, you can sign up for it via the Google Spreadsheet sign-up page. According to his blog, once he has 50 interested parties, he'll sell them for 7 euros a piece. Not bad, though we'd probably recommend shining the wood up a bit to avoid scratching on the back of the iPad.

[Via Lifehacking.nl via InternetSiao]