Earth Day is April 22

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What is your family doing for Earth Day tomorrow? If you haven't planned anything yet the official Earth Day website has some ideas including:

• sending a letter to Congress urging for funding for environmental education

• signing the Sky Petition against global warming

• calling your Senator in support of tough and fair climate change legislation

• attending an official Earth Day event being held in cities around the world

Read on for a few of our own ideas.

Besides political action, there are plenty of ways your family can observe Earth Day:

&bull pledge to implement one Earth-friendly change in your household this year like changing to CFL lightbulbs, substituting fabric napkins for paper, reducing the number of plastic bags your take from stores, etc.

&bull take a nature walk and learn the names of a few new trees, plants or bugs

&bull take only public transportation or use your own two feet for the day

&bull plant something

&bull turn off the tv and lights for the night and play boardgames by candlelight

What's your idea?

Visit the Earth day website here.

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