East #14: CapitolHille's Bathroom Re-Do

Name: CapitolHille
Location: Washington, DC
Time: 3 Hours
Cost: $7 for the gift wrap

Wowee zowee, who knew you could do so much in so little time with so little money. Here's a gift wrap project and a HUGELY improved bathroom. Head below the jump for all her pics, tools, and instructions and VOTING...

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Tell us the tools and resources you used for the project:

The idea was to make my bathroom fit more with the retro black and yellow tiles in my rented apartment. I had too many colors going on. I used old picture frames and cut gift wrap from Groovy DC to fit the frames. I used a canvas shower curtain I already had, and a canvas "bin" I was using in my closet from Bed, Bath and Beyond. The only tools I needed were a ruler, scissors, pencil, hammer and nails.

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Share step by step instructions for how you completed the project:

I cut black/white and yellowish green/grey/black paper and fit it into frames I already owned. I hung the new frames and removed a big framed poster. I replaced the shower curtain. I replaced the dark basket holding towels with a canvas bin.

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I put some of the gift wrap behind the glass doors of my etagere to hide products. I slid some of the paper into the canvas bin where you can write what is in the bin. I replaced my maroon towels with yellow towels. I added a yellow star lamp that was taking up room in my closet.

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