East #14: Kristin's Cozy Village Studio

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Name: Kristin
Location: West Village, NYC
Size: 525 sf
Rent/Own: Own

What is the advantage of SMALL? Small kind of forces you to be organized and to be more innovative with your space. But it also makes you appreciate space so much more. I love living in a studio because I like the open space and the flow of the rooms. When my friends come over we can spread throughout the place and it never feels cramped...

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What's your favorite resource for your home?

I get a lot of my ideas from Domino magazine and (of course) apartmenttherapy.com. All my furniture are from different stores, but I love shopping for accessories at Anthropologie.

What is your one favorite element in your small, cool home?

I love my little dining nook. I can use my table as my work space or for eating. It's also right next to the kitchen which is convenient because I'm always cooking.

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