East #23: The S.S. Waverly

Name: Mat
Location: Greenwich Village, NYC
Size: 200
Rent/Own: Rent

What is the advantage of SMALL? The ability to mix things up and create fresh new looks simply by switching around furniture in and around our loft spaces, keeping our space as whimsical and imaginative as our adventures on the high seas...

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What's your favorite resource for your home?

The flea markets, antique stores, vintage stores, and tag sales of our favorite seaside vacation towns.

What is your one favorite element in your small, cool home?

At the S.S. Waverly, we enjoy ceiling heights of 13 feet. This, coupled with the ingenious loft spaces for sleeping and wardrobe makes the space extremely efficient and spacious. The floating platforms create miniature rooms where all the activities of a full-size home can take place. We further enlarged the space by painting the walls and ceiling a deep old navy, giving the illusion of an endless night sky.

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