East Coast Semi-Finalist #3: Victor & Soeun’s Romantic Loft

Name: Victor & Soeun
Location: Canal Street, New York City
Type: 462 SF + Sleeping Loft 56 SF= 518 SF Studio
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Victor & Soeun's favorite OTHER entry:

Our favorite is other entry in the contest is #19 ‘Bryan’s Zones of Light’ from the East. His humble design does so much with so little with an end result that is comfortable and at the same time sophisticated. The small dashes of color (books, fruit, & computer screen) vibrate in this clean bright space.

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What is your next improvement (if you could do anything)?:

While we have long term storage tucked away behind the translucent structures and above the bathroom ceiling, we desire more. Our next improvement will be designing and installing more built-in cabinets. These floating white boxes become part of the architectural language - they help sub-divide the wall surfaces and strengthen our concept of ‘cityscape'.

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