Easy & Beautiful: 9 DIY Projects to DYE For

Easy & Beautiful: 9 DIY Projects to DYE For

Nancy Mitchell
May 31, 2016
(Image credit: Livet Hemma)

See what I did there?? Dye, while a little scary (it's permanent! it stains things!) can also be a great way to get big results from your DIY projects with a minimum of effort. Here are nine DIYs perfect for transforming your favorite textiles with a little color.

Above: From Livet Hemma, instructions for adding a little color to a plain old white IKEA duvet. (Use Google Translate to get directions in English.)

(Image credit: Blackbird)

DIY Shibori dip cushions from Blackbird.

(Image credit: Honestly WTF)
(Image credit: Honestly WTF)

This Shibori DIY, from Honestly WTF, shows how to use different techniques to create unique patterns.

(Image credit: Erika Rax)

DIY dip dyed napkins from Erika Rax.

(Image credit: Scissor Variations)

DIY ombre dyed string from Scissor Variations.

(Image credit: HGTV)

DIY ombre duvet and pillowcases from HGTV.

(Image credit: Paper & Stitch)

From Paper & Stitch, instructions for dying snythetic materials, like this IKEA sheepskin. (Because a pink sheepskin is so much more fun than just a plain old white one.)

(Image credit: Style Me Pretty)

DIY ombre dyed pillows from Style Me Pretty.

(Image credit: Sweet Paul)

Overdyed rug DIY from Sweet Paul.

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