Easy, Chic DIYs: 3 Upgrades for Boring File Cabinets

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File cabinets are one of those things I know I need, but I have a hard time accepting their presence in my office. They're just so... blah. But a recent hunt for some practical and chic DIYs turned up a plethora of options for people with similar qualms.

Here are a few noteworthy options:

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Using Picture Frames to create Faux Woodwork, from While They Snooze: Virtually all furnishings look better when they have some apparent structure. While clean lines work for many pieces, the clean lines of a metal file cabinet leave a lot to be desired. By using cheap frames to create a faux woodwork look, these cabinets are transformed.

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Rolling File Cabinet Set from Little Gray Table: This project is great because it utilizes a few of my favorite things: colorful spray paint and caster wheels. With the addition of a wood work surface, it now serves multiple purposes.

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Strip the paint to get an industrial look, from Retro Furniture: Most of the file cabinets you buy at the average big box store have a coat of black or white paint on them. If it's a metal cabinet, then stripping the paint can create some great industrial-looking results.

(Image credits: While They Snooze; Little Gray Table; Retro Furniture)

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