Easy Decorating Idea: Display Objects Under a Glass Cloche or Bell Jar

Easy Decorating Idea: Display Objects Under a Glass Cloche or Bell Jar

Taryn Williford
Jan 6, 2014
(Image credit: Typical Domestic Babe)

Putting a glass dome over something instantly elevates an everyday object into a piece of art. So when it comes to bell jars and glass cloches, I have a similar philosophy to the post office: If it fits, it sits. Here are 10 somewhat unexpected things that look great showcased under a glass dome.

• A simple potted plant. For a terrarium vibe go with low-maintenance succulents (like Andy of Typical Domestic Babe, above), or use a cloche to protect delicate flowers from tiny hands.

• Food. It's typical to stash homemade cookies or elegant macarons under glass domes, but think out of the box and try out an interesting fruit like a pineapple instead.

• A child's favorite toy or stuffed animal that they've outgrown.

(Image credit: Glitter and Goat Cheese)

• A sentimental pair of shoes (like baby's first Converse) or maybe your first splurge-worthy pair of designer heels. Stephanie of Glitter and Goat Cheese did this with a monogrammed Pottery Barn glass dome and her wedding Jimmy Choos.

• Favorite books, especially if they're old, worn and full of charm.

(Image credit: Houzz)

• A stack of plates. Anything from basic whiteware to elaborate china looks great in numbers, showcased under a dome, as in this vignette from Houzz.

• An antique object, like Grandpa's old film camera.

(Image credit: Aesthetic Outburst)

• An eclectic personal collection, like fortune cookie papers or bread tags (Abbey of Aesthetic Outburst has a great collection).

• Essentials and backups for any room. Why not display the extra roll of toilet tissue like a prized possession?

• Absolutely nothing. Glass cloches are beautiful on their own. Display an entire empty collection of glassware for extra impact.

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