Easy DIY: Paint Your Own Trim

Easy DIY: Paint Your Own Trim

Sarah Coffey
Mar 2, 2009

When we wrote about German hotel chain 25 Hours last week, we mentioned this clever idea from one of their rooms. Designers created colorful "trim" by painting the lintels and sides of an open doorway in hot pink and red. Although the project is pretty simple, it has a big impact, and it works even if you don't have actual trim in your room. We started thinking about ways to apply the same basic idea in other parts of the home...

• Outline a trimless window with bright paint.
• Create the illusion of paneled doors by painting "trim" where the molding would be.
• Paint the edges of a wooden table in a bold hue for an unexpected kick.
• Use a vertical stripe on the wall to define a headboard or bookshelf.
• Use horizontal stripes to create a "chair rail" around the room.

Other ideas? Let us know in the comments below.

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