Easy DIY: Use Washi Tape For Cord Coordination and Identification

In the last few years, many of the cords that come with my favorite devices have become dual purpose, which has resulted in confusion on more than one occasion as a plug gets separated from it's corresponding cord. My new solution? Washi tape.

While reading this, just imagine me giving myself a pat on the back, because this is the easiest DIY I've ever come up with.

  1. Buy some Washi Tape at your local craft store or online in a variety of colors and patterns.
  2. Wrap the plug with tape of your choice.
  3. Wrap the corresponding cord in the same tape.
  4. Repeat for cords and plugs that are compatible.
That's it! The best part is you may find out that you don't need all those plugs, because multiple cords may match up. This is especially true with Apple products. (Photo Credit: Elizabeth Giorgi)