Easy Does It: Folding Shopping Carts

Easy Does It: Folding Shopping Carts

Jason Loper
Mar 19, 2013

Over the weekend, as I was schlepping armloads of groceries on the eight block trek from the store to my apartment, I was cursing the fact that I didn't have what I affectionately call a granny cart. If you've ever thought your arms were going to snap off from the weight of your purchases, you know what I'm talking about.

  1. Transit Folding Cart from VersaCart $54.95
  2. Super Deluxe Swiveler Folding Multi-Use Cart from Bed Bath & Beyond $49.99
  3. Aluminum Shopping Cart from The Container Store $79
  4. Folding Shopping Cart from Crate & Barrel $49.95
  5. Narita Shopping Cart from Target $49.99
  6. Hook n Go Rolling Cart from Stacks and Stacks $75.99

(Images: As credited above.)

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