In the summer, using fresh fruit to create pretty centerpieces is common. As the temperatures drop, however, it's easy to forget that seasonal fruit still makes for fantastic arrangements. From apples to kumquats, winter fruit can be used for anything from rustic, farmtable-inspired looks to dramatic bouquets.

  1. A clementine and greenery arrangement is easy and chic. Via The Rigneys.
  2. Blood oranges and jewel-toned flowers look dramatic and glamorous. Via Style Me Pretty.
  3. Kumquats add an unexpected, modern twist to an otherwise romantic arrangement. Via Snippet & Ink.
  4. Grapes and pears add a pretty, vintage-looking twist to an arrangement by Poppies amp; Posies.
  5. An elegantly simple apple centerpiece is perfect for fall gatherings. From Styled magazine.

Images: 1. Jen Rigney 2. Joy Marie Photo via Style Me Pretty 3. Lisa Lefkowitz via Snippet & Ink 4. Poppies & Posies 5. Chelsea Fuss for Styled Magazine via Frolic!