Easy, Easier, Easiest: 6 Dramatic Bed Frame DIY Projects & IKEA Hacks

How much time do you have this weekend? Or more importantly — how much energy do you have to spend on dramatically changing the look of the room you begin and end each day? If you're looking to refresh your bedroom in an affordable and DIY way, we have a few of our favorite IKEA bed hacks and DIY projects divided into how easy it is to complete, so you can decide which one will be the right fit for you this weekend!

Were you inspired by Dabney's fabulous everything-in-one-place post about IKEA hacks? Now that you have the resources to complete a hack or DIY project right at your fingertips, are you totally ready to tackle a project?

Easy: A project transforming the FJELLSE frame came in as an amazing Before & After. It completely changed the look of this affordable IKEA bed into something that looks custom made. It takes some carpentry and sewing skills.

Easy: Looking to transform a pile of wood scraps into an entire reclaimed wood bed frame? This DIY Scrap Wood Bed may take a couple of people and a weekend to complete, but you get a totally unique-to-you bed out of the process.

Easier: Manhattan Nest has an illuminating how-to on how to make an upholstered bed (always fabulous and usually expensive if you buy) out of a FJELLSE frame. Seems like a lot of staples were involved but it's doable.

Easier: We've seen a lot of reclaimed wood headboards over the years, but Bows & Sparrow's version is one of our favorites because it's a warm wood accent without being too rustic and is a fairly simple process to complete.

Easiest: Paint an affordable IKEA wooden frame! This yellow painted HEMNES frame spotted on Hello Hue.

Easiest: Say hello to fast and easy softness and a pretty dramatic transformation of your bed with this easy-to-string up DIY canopy bed project. Not quite a change to the bed frame, but it will change the look of your bed! (Skip the sewing of tassels for an even easier project.)

(Image credits: Hello Hue; All Things Campbell; The Accent Piece; Manhattan Nest; Bows & Sparrows ; Dabney Frake)