5 Easy Glam Embellishments You Can Add Right Now

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Feeling a little blah? Maybe it's time for some bling. While we don't recommend an overdose of glitter, a few glam pieces never hurt anyone. Here are five easy embellishments you can add to your room right now to liven it up.


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Even a small dose of the sparkly stuff will add interest and shine to your neutrals.

Fur (or faux)

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A furry throw always adds a roll-around-on-me feeling to any surface.


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This room smartly places a mirror at the head of the bed for a reflective pop.


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A chandelier isn't reserved for formal rooms, it adds a dose of glamour anywhere.


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A glass vase adds a nice shine (and here a wash of subtle color) while being visually light.

(Images: 1. Maria's Glamorous Fashion-Inspired Flat 2.Today You Inspired Me 3.Sound Off: Faux Fur Throws 4.Jodi's Absolute Favorite, Small Cool 5. Design Sponge 6.From Scandinavia with Love)