Easy Garden Party Lights from Plastic Pails

Easy Garden Party Lights from Plastic Pails

Taryn Williford
Sep 16, 2009

We love fall down here in the South! After enduring grueling months of the hot southern sun, the cool crisp fall air feels great and makes us want to enjoy our front porches. We'd stay out all night if we had adorable and easy DIY garden lights like these...

A colorful kid's garden pail of the 'dollar store' variety does just fine as a whimsical garden light when you hang it on a wall hook and fill it with light.

All you need is a strand of battery-powered Christmas lights (Like these from Amazon for $4.99), a simple round touch lamp (Here's one for just $3.25) or go high tech with a battery-powered LED light pod ($5.95 at Amazon). Drop 'em in the translucent pail and hang it from a hook outdoors. Voila! Instant garden light!

We spotted this idea over at Instructables, where they used a votive candle inside the pail. But, as usual, a little bit of technological innovation makes things easier, longer-lasting and much more safe!

Via Instructables

(Pails in sand image from: Flickr user downing.amanda under license from Creative Commons.)

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