Easy & Inexpensive Fabric Pom-Pom DIY

There's nothing we love more than an inexpensive and easy to do craft that has out-of-sight results! This fabric pom pom tutorial is a great way to bring a little life to a room or even your next party. Details after the jump.

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Underneath this wavy exterior lies nothing more than a Chinese paper lantern. Circular pieces of fabric are cut and then folded and hot glued onto the shade. It's really that simple.

If you choose to use smaller shades like what's shown above, we suggest using either no light, or a low temp, low voltage light to keep the chance of fire away, but the larger shades can be used without worry of overheating.

Check out the full tutorial over at Once Wed and although they can be used for a wedding, we really like the idea of making something large and fluffy to hang in a kids space!

(via: Once Wed)
(Images: Once Wed)

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