Easy Party Decor Idea: ​Make a Photo Wall for Under $25

It doesn't take a ton of time or money to create this memorable photo wall for your party that can serve both as a decoration and an activity for your guests.

We had a small gathering of family members for my daughter's first birthday, and I put together this photo wall as the visual focal point of the party. I printed out 75 4x6 photos documenting the past year of her life and arranged them on a wall. Keeping the space between the photos as uniform as possible gave it an overall clean and crisp look, and I used washi tape to put each photo up, which meant I could take the photos down afterwards without taking paint off the wall. Printing the photos cost me a total of $12.75 at Costco ($0.17 per photo) and a roll of washi tape cost $3.49.

For extra pizzazz I added a gold banner at the top using thick gold glitter paper. I bought two sheets of the paper at Michael's ($1.99 each), traced out circles using the top of a circular oatmeal carton, cut those circles in half and then attached them to a string.

Our guests loved it! The photo wall gave them something to look at and talk about with other guests, and it was a great visual representation of the first year of my daughter's life. It then served as a fun backdrop for photos at the end of the party!

(Image credits: Christine Lu)