Easy Peasy 5 Minute Safety Tip

There are several home safety tips that most of us already have covered. We keep a first aid kit about, a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and make sure to stay away from hot pants pans. But one place you might not have thought about making a bit safer is something that most likely gets quite a bit of use. We have a quick and easy tip that can help keep your balance in tricky situations! Click through to see what we mean!

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If your step stool is anything like ours, it takes a great deal of use (and abuse). We use it at least once a day to get things out of our closet, hang artwork or get a cookbook down. One thing we'd never thought about is helping those 4 little feet we entrust our life to keep their grip.

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We took some "grippy"-shelf liner we had lying around (this would also work great with a piece of vegetable bin liner or no slip carpet pad) and cut it to the same size as the bottom of the feet. Next we spread a small amount of glue with our finger on each foot making sure to leave only a thin layer. The step stool was ready to flip over in 5 minutes and the glue was cured 100% in 30 minutes.

It's a great way to assure that when you're on that top step, you'll stay there. It's a great thing for kids and outdoor chairs as well!

PS, sorry for the whole "easy peasy" thing. We've been watching a lot of Jamie Oliver lately.

(Images via Sarahrae)

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