Easy Thanksgiving Decorating Craft Project: How to Make DIY Cranberry Glass

Apartment Therapy Tutorial

I always associate Thanksgiving with cranberry glass — there's something about that deep reddish purple color that makes me think of sitting down to eat for the holidays. This DIY craft project is easy to do, and makes dinner more colorful and festive.


  • Leftover glasses (I bought mine at the thrift store)
  • Mod Podge
  • Red and blue (or purple) food coloring
  • Small container
  • Stirrer stick
  • Drying rack (or something similar)
  • Water
  • Newspaper or paper towels
  • Acrylic spray (optional)


1. Make sure your glass is completely clean before you get started. Send it through the dishwasher or wash completely to remove any dirt or fingerprints.

2. In a small container, mix up about 2 Tbsp of Modge Podge, 1 Tsp of water, three drops of red food coloring, and one drop of purple (if you use blue, use a couple of drops instead). This amount will be enough for 2-3 smallish glasses.

Tip: This recipe is not an exact science. The more food coloring you use, the darker the shade. You can experiment until you get the shade you want. Or do variations for a gradient effect.

3. Pour the mixture into your glass, and start swirling it around. You want every part of the glass to get coated with the stuff, so feel free to tilt the glass every which direction, so even the lip is covered.

4. Once it's completely covered, invert the glass onto a drying rack, or some sort of slatted surface, with newspaper underneath. The mixture will start to drip down through the rack and onto the paper below.

Tip: As the mixture drips, keep an eye on it and periodically clean off the lip of the glass. Otherwise the stuff will pool around the edges and start to dry. I didn't do this the first time (nor did I evenly coat the glass) and the results weren't pretty. See above.

5. As it dries, the glass will go from being a milky pink color to a clear cranberry tint.

Tip: Don't touch the inside of the glass while it's drying! There might be some parts that take longer than others to dry (and will remain milky in the process). Leave it at least overnight, and until the entire glass is clear.

6. Since Modge Podge is water soluble, you need to seal the glass if you want to fill it with water and use as a vase. (I don't think you'll want to drink out of it, or use it for food.) I sprayed the inside of my glass with some Krylon clear acrylic spray and it seemed to do the trick.

Tip: If you hate the result, the tint is reversible. Just wash it off and start again.

Fill with flowers and enjoy your holiday table!

(Image credits: Dabney Frake)